We are always keen to meet new people and potential collaborators. So if you're an actor, designer, writer, director, producer, dramaturg or brilliant person of some other flavour, and/or if you just have a crazy idea you'd like to try and make happen, or if you just want to say hello, drop us a line via email or Facebook


Our next show is The Best Corn Chip in the Universe, at Adelaide Fringe 26 February - 10 March. There is not currently any news of projects after that, but when there is, it will be here.


There are no auditions at this time. As soon as there's information about auditions, it will be here. Join our email list or follow us on social media (scroll down to the red bit) to be the first to know.

We believe very strongly in promoting diversity in theatre. Our productions welcome performers of all ethnicities, genders, ages and levels of able-bodiedness.