Lies, Lies and Propaganda in association with Bakehouse Theatre Company presents

Roadkill Confidential

by Sheila Callaghan

by arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

"Trevor Pratt. Famous artist. Loved by many. Feared by none. Is that your goal, to make people fear you?"

Trevor's new artwork is almost ready. But when people start dying, the government's top agent will stop at nothing to protect his country. Can art truly be dangerous? Or is art only true when it is?

Threats to national security! Blueberry crumble! Confrontation of the transgressive nature of modern spectatorship in regards to human anguish! DEAD THINGS! Lies, Lies and Propaganda kicks things off at the brand new Kings Cross Theatre with this gruesome comedy from award-winning playwright Sheila Callaghan (That Pretty Pretty; or, the Rape Play).

"Roadkill Confidential refuses old dead theatre and demands we kill off the part of ourselves that feeds it after midnight. It is a vibrant, alive play, combining emotions that shouldn’t go together, and using high energy as a vehicle for recognition and discernment. It’s the kind of theatre we are in desperate need of in conservative Sydney; progressive, fecund, cognizant and provocative." Lisa Thatcher

"Intriguing, laden with ironic intelligence and deliciously glazed in an arch-comic perspective. I recommend that you go, for it will provoke conversation for hours afterwards. Maybe Days and Days." Kevin Jackson

"A wonderfully weird combination of political art commentary and intrigue." The Buzz From Sydney

"Alison Bennett [is] intensely brooding, showing levels of eccentricity...solid and engaging throughout...Michael Drysdale delivers a hurricane-like performance of brilliance from beginning to end...Jasper Garner Gore shows elements of comedic brilliance...Nathaniel Scotcher is achingly raw...Sinead Curry nails this performance." Weekend Notes

"All of the characters are parasites who feed off Trevor, the artist. Like I said, it’s a comedy." Veronica Kaye, Theatre Red

"Michael Dean’s exuberant direction is concerned with creating an experience that fascinates and intrigues...Creativity is in abundance here, and there is little that holds it back from making its ubiquity felt in every nuance." Suzy Goes See

Previews 8 & 10 November
Performances 11-28 November 2015
Kings Cross Theatre
Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel
244-248 William St, Kings Cross

Trevor Alison Bennett
Melanie Sinead Curry
Government Agent Michael Drysdale
William/Doctor Jasper Garner Gore
Randy/Frizzy-Haired Man Nathaniel Scotcher

Director Michael Dean
Producers Michael Dean and Danielle Baynes
Stage Manager Amy Green
Designer Catherine Steele
Lighting Richard Neville and Mandylights
Movement Director Amanda Laing
Composer Benjamin Garrard
Photographer/Graphic Designer Emily Elise