lies, lies and propaganda presents


Devised and written by michael dean and the cast

In the heart of Zeroville a city guide finds herself knowing impossible things.
In the forbidden zone a foreign agent will stop at nothing to complete her mission - if only she could be sure of which side she’s on.
And down on the street stranger named Godard raves about beauty, anger and love. Everything outlawed.
These events threaten to unearth something long buried - a memory from long ago when, in the ruins of old Parramatta, a teenager sowed the seeds of humanity's destruction. 

But both past and future are zero. There is only Anna. And Anna loves you. 

Lies, Lies and Propaganda brings its bold and fearless form of performance-making to the Anywhere Festival, shamelessly appropriating a certain French New Wave film to create an immersive, site-specific theatre experience.

"Dean and his collaborators have taken a leap forward into the unpredictable realm of self-devised theatre, and their hard work has paid off in a production which is self-assured and slick." - The Spell of Waking Hours

"Amy Scott-Smith gives a tremendous performance as Godard, the tough talking detective who enters the mysterious Zeroville in search of Bacall, a lost colleague...The smiling passionless zombies of Zeroville...are played with delightfully disturbing humour by the rest of the company." - Theatre Red

"Lies Lies and Propaganda is shaping up to be one of the most interesting theatre companies in Sydney, whose vision and dedication to theatrical integrity go hand in hand to make powerful creative statements about what theatre is capable of and where it is headed." - Lisa Thatcher

Performances 8-17 May 2015
Glass Pavilion, Heritage Courtyard, Justice Precinct
160 Marsden St, Parramatta

Godard Amy Scott-Smith
002 Danielle Baynes
004 Emily Elise
001 Jasper Garner Gore
005 Amanda Laing
Bacall Katrina Rautenberg
007 Eliza Scott
008 Jennifer White
and Sinead Curry as A.N.N.A.

Live electronic score by Ben Gerrard, with Jasper Garner Gore and Sinead Curry.

Director Michael Dean
Producers Danielle Baynes and Michael Dean
Production Manager Andrew McMartin
Stage Manager Amy Green
Design Hugh O'Connor
Movement Rachel Weiner
Photography Sasha Cohen

Produced as part of the Anywhere Festival Parramatta 2015