LIES, LIES AND PROPAGANDA and suspicious woman productions PRESENT


Created by michael dean, jasper garner gore and the cast


"All the little devils are proud of hell."

A stranger rolls into town. He says he knows you, that you were in love, that he's come to take you away. He knows nothing about your life, but everything about your hopes, dreams and fears. All you know is that this town will never really let you leave. 

Lies, Lies and Propaganda teams up with Suspicious Woman Productions to put an Australian Gothic spin on the tragic tale Orpheus and Eurydice.

With Dymphna Carew, Curly Fernandez, Victoria Greiner, Lana Kershaw, Daniel Monks, Bodelle de Ronde and Michael Yore


"Adventurous, playful and iconoclastic, Dean’s presentation is a surprising and delightful show...made even more wonderful by sheer, undeniable talent and exquisite taste." - Suzy Goes See

"This is an inventive, frequently funny and, for its one hour, involving spin on myths ancient and modern." - Jason Blake

"Cocooned in the bohemian stretch of the Blood Moon Theatre...the skewed, strangely flowing narrative stretches from the joint creativity of director Michael Dean, co-director Jasper Garner Gore and the cast themselves...The cast are thrilling and diverse, with Daniel Monks as a beautiful Orpheus...Orpheus is another example of what a group of talented folk with a shared understanding can achieve." - Lisa Thatcher

"There is so much to look at and absorb that it makes it near impossible to explain - you just HAVE to go and see it for yourself!" - Weekend Notes

"It is in turns bizarre, grotesque and hilarious...Monks presents a wonderful contrast to the madness he has entered and Yore presents an enticing and enchanting Hades that makes it believable that Eurydice could be tempted by death." - Broadway World

Previews 16-17 August 2016
Performances 18-27 August 2016
Blood Moon Theatre
The World Bar, 24 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross

Orpheus Daniel Monks
Eurydice Lana Kershaw
Hades Michael Yore
Persephone Curly Fernandez
The Furies Dymphna Carew, Bodelle de Ronde and Victoria Greiner
Live Music by Michael Yore and the cast

Director Michael Dean
Producers Michael Dean and Alixandra Kupcik
Assistant Director/Dramaturg Jasper Garner Gore
Designer Catherine Steele
Lighting Designer Liam O'Keefe
Movement Consultant Rachel Weiner
Photographer/Videographer Sasha Cohen

This project was supported by the Australian Cultural Fund.