Favourite moment in rehearsals?

I think one of my favourite moments was one of the very first. It was SCB (Secret Chorus Business) time. In fact, it was our very first rehearsal! We still didn't know each other and we had those 'first rehearsal' nerves and that sense of excitement. We were asked to wait outside and were told that when we heard the music and came into the room, the performance had started. There we were, waiting in the hallway with absolutely no idea what was going on! We walked into the room (I have no idea what the song was, but it was very funky!) to find chairs, a banana and a baseball bat. To make things even more interesting, one of the chorus members came in a bit later to find these three other people doing some very interesting things with the above mentioned items and just had to jump in with us! It was quite a start to the rehearsal process.

How is this production different?

I think this production is different because throughout the whole process, I have been part of what is an incredible group of people: the Chorus. Being a member of a chorus is such a unique experience. We have done so many activities and exercises that have challenged us as individuals, but which have allowed us to come together and work as this one (slightly crazy!) organism. 

Favourite song?

I'm not sure if it is my favourite song, but I definitely feel that I have got to know 'Burning Down the House' by Talking Heads remarkably well, Actually, I think my boyfriend, friend visiting from Canberra and the entire block of flats I live in have come to know it quite well (and never want to hear it again!). It is incredible to watch a clip that many times and learn it inside out, upside down and back to front! 

Experience of ritual?

I think being in this show has reminded me of the importance of the ritual, the sacred. The Greeks were all over it! We tend to ignore, forget about it and are far too busy for it or don't want to deal with it. I think it is something that we miss without even realising it.


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