Favourite moment so far in rehearsals?

Any moment with my fellow chorus members. There have been countless moments of inspiration, laughter, tears, and general what the f#@*! are we doing. The recreation of 80s pop videos however was a highlight.

How is this production different?

It's like nothing I’ve done before or for that matter seen before. It's slightly left of centre in the best way possible – there is a high likelihood that many people won't like this production or understand the interpretation but regardless I think it will make people think and talk about it, which is always a good thing.

Favourite New Wave/Synthpop/Post-Punk album/song?

I didn’t grow up listening to much new wave/punk/synthpop. (I didn’t actually know what it was to be honest.) I was much more of a R&B/Rap/Soul kind of boy…but because of rehearsals I have to say Rock Lobster, Tainted Love, and anything David Bowie – the guy was talented!

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't?

Once…she was my English teacher at high school. One afternoon she kept me back for detention, and...wait I think that may be the ‘plot’ of a ‘movie’ I once saw.

Number of fillings?

One - I’ve only been to the dentist once.

Favourite cheese?

Singles!! How can you go past the convenience of individually wrapped cheese?

Number of productions of Hamlet you've seen?

Three, and up to this point Sport for Jove takes the crown. It was a fresh, amazing, thought provoking piece of theatre.

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