What role are you playing?

I’m playing the role of the government agent. This guy is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma and today I had a bit of chuckle at the idea of him kind of being like the love child of Harvey Specter and Lewis Litt from suits. A straight faced closer with a needy, validation hungry, soft underbelly. I love him.

What's been your favourite part of the rehearsal process?

Well I know what Jasper's favourite part was. I bet you he enjoyed typing that out. For me, it had to be the rehearsal where we as a cast collaborated on what could be the pilot episode of CSI: North Shore. If there’s anything I enjoy parodying more than Horatio and his glasses, followed soon after by a blasting of The Who singing “Won't Get Fooled Again” I haven’t found it. Note: Horatio’s glasses may find their way into the play. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

If you were a serial killer whom would you target?

I got stopped by a detective for taking a photo in costume in front of a police station today so I’m going to refrain from answering this one. I’m pretty sure they’re watching us right now. Surveillance on a play about surveillance. Meta right? Meta!

What's your favourite part of the script?

One of my favourite parts of the play, because there are many, but one has to be the letter the FBI Man wrote to his forty year old self when he was thirteen. It’s one of the saddest things, particularly at the end where his thirteen year old self says “You won't remember me.” Just the idea that when we grow up and slip into mediocrity that the dreams and vision of our youthful innocence are lost. 

What do you think of the Kings Cross Theatre?

The new Kings Cross Theatre is a massive win for the industry. Not only is it a great new space, with nice sound proofing, an easy to get location, a beautiful, shiny, new lighting rig and a bar in the dressing room!! But it’s also the start of the closest thing Sydney has to theatre district. If you’re in the Kings Cross area right now you can hit up dinner, drinks and a show, be it at KXH, The Blood Moon Theatre, The Fitz, Griffin, The Eternity. So many options! All the activities. I love that.

If you had $104.7 million to fund the arts, what would you do with it?

I cannot claim that I would know how to responsibly and effectively use the entire $104.7 million dollars, but I know a few things that I’d do. I’d look for great teams of creatives, writers mostly and I’d put them in incubators and pay them to spend a year doing what they do best: writing - creating creative, exciting, high concept ideas that put the audience first. I’d get them to work together and I wouldn’t make them write “Australian” stories, I’d get them to write what pleased them. Modern stories that paint a picture of the modern world with stories that just happen to take place in Australia. Then I’d support them in selling the shit out of those stories. I’d also invest in landing feature roles, to build the profiles of up and coming actors at every level and try to create a culture where people get cast in roles they’re right for and that will excite an audience, rather than the revolving door of seeing the same actors in everything we do. 

Michael empowering a fellow artist.

Michael empowering a fellow artist.

What would you name your band?

The Pixie Dicks? I don’t know, that just sprung to mind. If I was ever a rapper I’d probably call myself the name I give to my NBA 2K My Player: Magnus Carter. I feel like people are going to hate me after reading this. Oh well.

Yeah, probably. What is your moral imperative?

Just to empower people, there’s nothing better than seeing someone you care about start to believe in themselves and take action and surprise people and even surprise themselves. Plus if I ever help someone accomplish something I always think, well if they can do it I can do it too.

Do you ever want to punish others for things you find horrible in yourself?

No… Maybe. Okay yes. But I’m an adult so I do the responsible thing. I bury that shit and punish myself instead. That is the way to deal with it… right?

See Michael in Roadkill Confidential 11-28 November at the Kings Cross Theatre. Get your tickets here.