Lest you start to think this is a male-dominated play, it's time to talk to our lead, Alison Bennett, who plays the enigmatic artist at the centre of it all...

Hi, Alison. What role are you playing?


Favourite moment in rehearsals?

Watching Jasper Dad dance.


What has surprised you most about this process?

How much physical work there was which I LOVED and how abstract we got sometimes.

What is your favourite part of the show?

When Melanie says "I don't know what I'm talking about."

What do you think of the Kings Cross Theatre?

Thank God we have a new space and this gorgeous little theatre district developing in Kings Cross.

What is the craziest art piece you ever saw?

Looking at a goldfish in a blender and being invited to blend it.

What is something you're obsessive about?

Cleaning behind the nobs on the stove.

Tell us about a strange ritual you have.

Cleaning behind the nobs on the stove.

Can art go too far?

Nope it cannot. Art is art. If it's being expressed then it exists in our nature. Like it or lump it. 

If you had $104.7 million to fund arts, what would you do?

Give it to the artists.

What's the strangest art idea you've had that you'd never get away with actually doing?

A whole piece dedicated to shoulder dancing.

What would you do if you were famous?

I would intellectually cut down every dispicable journalist (I love journalists, I only mean the shit ones, not the good ones) that asked me a dumb question about nothing.

What would you name your band?

The angry shoulders.

What is your moral imperative?

To not have a moral imperative. Not a big fan of morals.

Do you ever want to punish others for things you find horrible in yourself?

Yeah I do. I know I can be difficult and I want to make life difficult for others who are difficult.

See Alison in Roadkill Confidential at the Kings Cross Theatre, 11-28 November. Get your tickets here.