The final cast member you're going to hear from is the wonderful and multi-talented Eliza Scott. This interview took place during the final week of rehearsals.

Hi Eliza. What role are you playing?

Citizen 007, formerly known as Pam the Dissident.

Favourite moment of rehearsals so far?

The day that Pam the Dissident was brought into the world.

How is this production different?

It’s in a glass box in Parramatta! Ha! I’ve also never worked in the Sci Fi genre before, let alone created a show within it.

What's been your experience of Parramatta?

Um... Harvest Festival...? I think I bought banana bread there once?

What music do you listen to when you are sad?

Depends what kind of sad.. I’ve tailored a whole bunch of nerdy playlists from about the age of 15 for each shade of sadness. But The First Days of Spring by Noah and the Whale is probably one of the most heart wrenching albums of all time.

When is the last time you cried or laughed hysterically?

I watched Frozen a last week. Literally balled my eyes out crying ‘WHY?!?!?’ in the first five minutes of the film. Damn you Disney!!!!
...and my natural way of laughing is hysterically. I think Michael can confirm this.

What is the main thing that will spell the end of the human race?

I think that compassion is going out the window, because technology is taking over. So half the world might die of heart failure and obesity while the other half of starvation and general lack of means. Massive MASSIVE generalisation, I know.

Describe your relationship with technology.

It’s like a really really terrible relationship where you keep coming back for more.

Is there a celebrity or someone with whom you are totally obsessed? What would you do if you met him/her?

Laura Marling. I think I would melt, offer her whatever I have on hand, and then propose that we be best friends. Forever. Not in a creepy way. But probably.

What is the audience going to get a kick out of in Zeroville?

I think it’s going to be visually stunning. The costumes and set are amazing. On top of that we have this crazy fucking awesome script that deals with the Sci Fi/Noir genre in a way I’ve never seen before and it’s all LIVE. The audience literally will be entering another galaxy.