What role are you playing?

Randy, a teenager with bipolar, ADHD and OCD. He also collects forks and has a fondness for being famous.

Favourite moment in rehearsals?

Lollies with wet/moist centres, courtesy of our SM Amy Danger. 

What has surprised you most about this process?

Nothing surprises me when I get to work with Mike D.

What is your favourite part of the show?

Getting to kiss Trevor and running around in my jocks!

What is the craziest art piece you ever saw?

Isn't art everywhere? and not in the slightest bit crazy at all? at all at all at all at all...

What is something you're obsessive about?

My dog, my darling beautiful, amazing, love him more than my partner...dog. god. dog.

Tell us about a strange ritual you have.

I like to chew gum while I masturbate. It's more interactive that way.

If you were a serial killer who would you target and how would you dispatch them?

The rich and i would eat them... totes didn't even need to think about that answer.


Can art go too far?


If you had $104.7 million to fund arts, what would you do?

Sorry dudes, I'm gonna take the money and run. Probably vietnam. I will deposit 1 million into a cheque account, the worst pitch for a project gets the loot!

What would you name your band?


Do you ever want to punish others for things you find horrible in yourself?


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