What role are you playing?

I play Melanie Colander in Roadkill Confidential.

Favourite moment in rehearsals?

I loved the week where we completely abandoned the scripts and instead ran down the rabbit hole to create the crazy, savage world of the play.

What has surprised you most about this process?

Once again, I'm surprised at the way Michael Dean's seemingly insane and fragmentary rehearsal tasks have yet again produced the perfect vibe for a show. He's a smooth facilitator, that magnificent bastard.

What is your favourite part of the script/in the show?

I love the FBI Man trance moments. It's a joy to let the audience in to the inner world of our characters for a brief cyclone.

What do you think of the Kings Cross Theatre?

I love it. It's such a joy to be the very first performance in this amazing traverse space.

What is the craziest art piece you ever saw?

Every time I've seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform it's been a crazy art experience. You can never go wrong with glitter cannons and glow in the dark costumes.

What is something you're obsessive about?

I am obsessive about separating my white washing from my coloured washing. Melanie (and her Preen) would be very proud.

Tell us about a strange ritual you have.

Every morning while I eat breakfast (coffee and cereal, in case you're wondering) I journal, meditate and read a little. That's probably a foreign concept to everyone else who starts their day rushing out the door with their coffee in a travel cup. Being centred is ace.

If you were a serial killer who would you target and how would you dispatch them?

I'd target the bad guys, and I'd make sure to leave a rose at the scene of the crime.

Can art go too far? Have you seen an artwork that went too far?

Nope, and nope. If it's art; it's art. In the words of Nathaniel's character, Randy: "TASTE IT, TASTE IT".

If you had $104.7 million to fund arts, what would you do?

I would establish a new, accessible funding body focused on procuring the donations of private investors who believe in the power and necessity of the Arts and Creativity within our society. Essentially, I would use the money given to create a platform that encourages private philanthropy, and use that fiscal growth to fund artistic companies and individuals in a meaningful, supportive and legitimated way.

What will you do when you are famous?

I'll probably establish the aforementioned funding body to support the growth of the arts in Australia. I will also own a fleet of muscle cars, wear YSL and reach my end goal of becoming Nick Cave. I'll be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes to the tune of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', smelling like roses, holding a cigarette, burning rubber, throwing cash at the arts, loving all.

What is your moral imperative?

To give them my heart on a plate.

Do you ever want to punish others for things you find horrible in yourself?

As FBI Man says, "All the time".

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