What are you playing? 

The keyboard. 

Is that all?


Ok. Favourite moment in rehearsals so far?

Either seeing our promo video for the first time or hearing Ben (our composer) turn my moron music noodles into laser sword awesome. 

What's it like devising the play as you go?

The toughest part has been working out when to move on - my instinct is to finesse every single thing indefinitely.  

What music do you listen to when you are sad?

The Jurassic Park theme on repeat.  

Have you done much site-specific work before?

Photo: Sasha Cohen

Photo: Sasha Cohen

I have, but I think all good theatre is, to an extent, site specific. But in this case it means that we really have a chance to bring our audience into an environment where they don't know what to expect or quite how to behave. Which is hilarious. And really exciting.

What's your favourite sci-fi work?

I am a huge fan of Danny Boyle's Sunshine (apparently the only one). Also big shout out to Aliens. I would say Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but I think that's really more magical realism? 

Definitely sci-fi. What's been your experience of Parramatta?

It's curiously both total and separate. I reckon you could live and work there without ever really leaving.

What have you looked at for research?

The Big Sleep, Trance, Cowboy Bebop. Okay the last one was just for fun. 

How is this production different from anything you've done before?

Because every single time I or someone else has had a thought like 'wouldn't it be cool if...' we have actually tried to make that thing. Hence LED light costumes.

Photo: Sasha Cohen

Photo: Sasha Cohen

What is the main thing that will spell the end of the human race?

Cultural inertia. Seriously. Like, climate change, third world debt, the murder rate - we could do something about all of that. We won't.  

If you could hire an actor to voice-over your life, who would it be?

The guy who says 'Fatality!' in Mortal Kombat. Or John Safran.

When is the last time you cried/got really mad at someone/laughed hysterically?

Trying to answer these questions.

What is the audience going to get a kick out of in Zeroville?

We've built a whole culture for this show that you get to experience and explore. It's a holiday to a nightmare.